Be careful who you trust Rod Stewarts warning as he talks working with dodgy people

Rod Stewart performs One More Time on Graham Norton Show

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Sir Rod Stewart said that while he had “no complaints” about his 76 years of life so far, he insisted that former colleagues had messed him around as he warned others to be alert with their finances. The singer began by saying his life had been “pretty wonderful”.

“I’ve got no complaints,” he spilled.

“I had a couple of dodgy business people working for me. Be careful of who you trust. Be careful.

“Always keep your eye on the pennies. The pounds look after themselves.”

He warned: “Keep your eye on the pennies.”

Rod shared his advice during a chat with Ezra Koenig and Jake Longstreth on Apple Music’s Time Crisis this week.

The rockstar went on to discuss his 31st album titled The Tears of Hercules.

He revealed he was hoping to be in the top five with his new record, but acknowledged he was up against the likes of Adele and ABBA.

“I was hoping it’s going to be number one,” he said.

“I can’t compete with Adele and ABBA and, of course, Ed Sheeran, the little ginger geezer.”

Rod went on to say he never imagined he’d still be recording and enjoying singing at his age.

“I love getting up on the stage. I’m a natural show-off. I always was before I was singing,” he added.

Earlier this year, he released another album titled Cupid, based on famous love songs.

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In September, the singer revealed that one of tracks. titled One More Time, was about “amazing sex” with an ex partner.

He spilled: “The story behind the song is you know when you break up with somebody and the sex was amazing and you just want to do it one more time?

“That’s what the song is about. It’s happened to all of us I’m sure.

“The songs are more or less life stories. Unfortunately a lot of them have got to do with love and sex on this album.

“Well not unfortunately, that’s the way I was feeling and they are just things that have happened to me,” he added on BBC Radio 2.

Before he was a solo singer, he a member of multiple groups including Jeff Beck Group and Faces.

Following his many successful years, he is said to have a net worth of £215m.

In his personal life, he is married to Penny Lancaster and has eight children.

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