BBC’s Clive Myrie claims being woke is ‘a badge of honour’

Clive Myrie clarifies why he didn’t appear on the BBC’s News At Ten

Clive Myrie, who is one of the BBC’s most well-known presenters, has explained that he considers wokeness as a “badge of honour”.

The Mastermind host has opened up about what he understands the word “woke” to mean amid a discussion about his new book, Everything Is Everything: A Memoir of Love, Hate & Hope.

With race acting as a dominant theme in his life story, Clive discussed why he thinks migration has enriched Britain overall and why he disagrees with those who supposedly denigrate changes in British society as “woke”.

“It seems to me that white society actually ‘woke up’, and that turning back the tide of change will become progressively more difficult as Generation Z becomes even more influential,” he reasoned in a recent interview with The Times.

Asked about how he feels about the term “woke”, Clive replied: “It’s becoming a badge of honour for a lot of people.”

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“And the opposite for some other people,” he confirmed. “I would counter that they are a minority, but it’s a minority with a very, very big loudhailer system at the moment, whether it’s social media, right-wing radio or right-wing newspapers.”

He added: “If woke means believing that people are equal, that diversity is a good thing, that colour is skin-deep, that we should all be treated fairly and decently, I am as woke as the next person. If that’s what woke means.”

Quizzed on how he will tackle criticism that his new book crosses the line of BBC impartiality, he said: “There’s opinion and opinion. I’m not sure I’m offering opinions, actually: I think I’m just pointing out, in a personal way, facts and evidence.

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“I think that’s slightly different from saying, ‘Well, I think this and I think that.’

“It’s interesting what Fiona says, but I think there is more that presenters can say without it being the subject of some bias controversy, and I think too often we’re too vanilla.”

Presumably, Clive was referring to BBC journalist and Question Time host Fiona Bruce.

In previous interviews, Fiona has emphasised the importance of BBC journalists remaining absolutely impartial to the best of their ability.

Everything Is Everything: A Memoir of Love, Hate & Hope by Clive Myrie (Hodder & Stoughton, £22) is published on September 14.

To order a copy go to Free UK standard P&P on orders over £25. Special discount for Times+ membersGrowing up black in Britain.

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