Ana Navarro Has Fans Amused With the 'Only in Miami Christmas Display'

Ana Navarro is one of the most beloved co-hosts on The View. The political commentator is witty and is able to laugh at herself. Navarro brings great energy to the panel and fans love to tune in every time she is on the ABC talk show. On social media, Navarro always knows how to keep her followers amused and she shared a Christmas display photo that could only happen in Miami.

Ana Navarro shares Christmas joy

There’s no denying that Florida does things a little differently than the rest of the U.S. and Navarro shared an example of it. Miami is one of the richest cultural cities thanks to the big Latino community that resides there. Navarro posted on Instagram a photo of what makes the city so unique during the Christmas season.

“I love it. ‘Only in Miami’ Christmas display, celebrating our diverse community,” Navarro posted. “Mrs. Claus, sporting a guayabera, holding a Cuban cafetera and cafecito cup…and apparently, in a biracial marriage with what I think is a Black Santa Claus. Could use some cocoa butter. He looks a little ashy.”

Guayabera is the shirt Mrs. Claus is wearing as she holds a cup of coffee in one hand. The display highlights the Cuban community in Miami that makes up the majority of residents in the city.
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