Amber Heard Testifies She Had to File for Divorce From Johnny Depp as She Lost of Hope

When giving her testimony in her legal battle with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star, the ‘Aquaman’ actress says she feared she ‘wouldn’t survive’ if she stayed married to her ex-husband.

AceShowbizAmber Heard continued giving testimony in her legal battle with Johnny Depp. When taking a stand in court, the “Aquaman” actress said she feared she “wouldn’t survive” if she stayed married to her ex-husband.

The 36-year-old actress, who she is countersuing after he sued her for defamation over a 2018 article she wrote about being a victim of domestic abuse, told judge on Monday, May 16 that she “had to” file for divorce because he was running out of “hope,” even though she still loved the “Edward Scissorhands” actor “so much.”

Amber said, “I knew if I didn’t I’d likely not literally survive. I was so scared that it was going to end really badly for me and I really didn’t want to leave him, I loved him so much.” She continued, “I would have done anything but I couldn’t do that one thing, I couldn’t stay… The promise and the hope I had became less and less regular and more and more rare.”

“The monster was now the thing that was normal and not the exception. The violence was now normal and not the exception,” she added. “It was so hard but I knew I had to do it… what if he had taken it too far, I wouldn’t be here.”

Amber grew emotional when she claimed she feared the 58-year-old actor would accidentally kill her during an alleged assault on their honeymoon. She told the court, “I was so scared that it was going to end really badly for me. I really didn’t want to leave him. I loved him so much.”

Amber alleged her ex-husband attacked her onboard the Orient Express train in Asia after they married in February 2015 and claimed he struck her and held her by the neck in their sleeper compartment. She said, “He was squeezing my neck against the railway car for what felt like a very long time. I remember thinking that he could not even mean to kill me, [I was] scared that he wouldn’t even mean to do it.”

In another instance, “The Danish Girl” star spoke of a “week of hell” when her then-husband allegedly flew into a jealous rage after she was offered a role with James Franco. She later claimed he “slapped [her] across the face” and “punched [her] across the jaw.”

Amber also alleged Johnny, who has denied being violent towards his ex-wife, often self-harmed during their arguments. She stated, “In fights he often would cut his arms or hold his knife to his chest or draw blood, superficially at first. He also put cigarettes out on himself.”

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