Amanda Owen’s stepdaughter can’t watch Our Yorkshire Farm without ‘ending up in tears’

Amanda Owen discusses her parenting skills with Ben Fogle

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Amanda Owen’s stepdaughter Rosie has heartbreakingly admitted that she’s unable to watch Our Yorkshire Farm, which features her previous home of Ravendale Farm, as it upsets her too much to see the house she once lived in. The artist called Ravenseat Farm in Yorkshire home until she was nine, when her mother and father Clive’s marriage ended after they “fell out of love”. Following the split, Rosie, her brother, and mother moved 25 minutes away to Kirkby Stephen, in Cumbria.

I lasted about five minutes and ended up in tears

Rosie Owen

Rosie was just three-years-old when her family moved to Ravenseat in 1989 and she grew up in the idyllic Yorkshire countryside.

However, it came to a head when her parents decided to go their separate ways after 13 years of marriage.

Amanda and Clive married in 2000 after they met when the young shepherdess was 21-years-old, and Clive was double her age.

The couple settled down at Ravenseat, where they currently raise their nine children.

Speaking about being parted from her former home when she was younger, Rosie said it’s like her childhood at Ravenseat was erased.

“My childhood home has been completely taken away from me,” she heartbreakingly shared.

Rosie said that she only gets to look back at her old home on screen, which she admits is too painful to do.

“I attempted to watch the show the first few times but I lasted about five minutes and ended up in tears,” she candidly admitted.

Since then, the artist now “immediately turns the channel over” if the farming programme starts on TV.

Rosie added: “It breaks my heart because it is like watching a past that I haven’t been in for years.”

She went on to add that would still love to be a part of her dad’s new family, but feels like she doesn’t belong there.

Clive’s eldest daughter explained how she still holds “beautiful” memories from her childhood at Ravenseat.

“I miss it dearly. I wish I could reconnect with the place, I really do”, she added.

Rosie has two daughters, aged 16 and six, but admitted that they don’t have a relationship with their grandfather, who they call by his first name, Clive.

Out of Amanda’s nine children, Rosie said that she only has a relationship with their eldest daughter.

She said: “I love them all but I feel I haven’t had a chance to have a relationship with them.”

Speaking about the couple’s new life after finding stardom with their books and TV series, Rosie added that it’s hard to acknowledge when she still has “scars that run deep.”

Addressing her hopes for the future, the mother-of-two said that even though she’s hopeful to be part of her dad’s life again, she isn’t sure it’s realistically something that can happen.

“There’s a lot of hurt and anger and disappointment,” she admitted.

She went on to tell The Sun that seeing her brothers and sisters at Ravenseat feels like a “faraway dream” of hers.

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