Alex Rodriguez Shows Off Ripped Post-Breakup Body In Thirst Trap For All The Single Ladies!

For anyone who didn’t hear about Jennifer Lopez dumping Alex Rodriguez — somehow, like if you’re living under a rock, and not one in the greater Miami area, A-Rod would like you very much to know.

Well, if you’re a hot young woman that is.

The former New York Yankee shortstop took to his Instagram on Wednesday morning to share a fitness update. Posting a set of before-and-after pics, he talked about leaving the “dad-bod” behind, writing:

“Left the Dad-bod in 2020. Anyone else determined to stick with their fitness goals this year? I’ve been consistent with my workouts and finally put down the chips.”

Ch-ch-check out the slimmer, more ripped A-Rod:

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Ostensibly this is part of his personal brand — he still works in sports after all — but we have to talk about the other reason he’s posting a pic of his extra fit form.

He’s single again! This is clearly a huge post-breakup OPEN FOR BUSINESS sign, y’all!

As far as Instagram thirst traps go, it’s certainly on the more subtle, tasteful side — but don’t pretend y’all can’t see the muscle definition under that expensive shirt. No, this is just as thirsty as any of those naked mirror selfies — just a little classier, that’s all.

We had heard A-Rod was desperate to win J.Lo back, and that he was “willing to do anything to make it work.” The former couple even had dinner together recently, giving weight to the theory he was in full groveling apology mode.

This new look? Showing off his body like this? Specifically his body RIGHT NOW? Note the dates on the before-and-after. That’s no accident. He’s showing everyone he’s even hotter now than when he was dating Jenny From The Block. That was his cozy relationship bod; this is his single guy back on the market body. This is a big grand re-opening. It may as well read “April 2021… Ladies.”

The other significance of the dates? Well, that goes into how he got into such great shape in four months.

Alex just went through the 54D program, a group fitness regimen that focuses on high-intensity workouts, customized nutrition, and more importantly community. Everyone trains as a team — something we imagine was pretty familiar to the ballplayer.

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The Miami-based program boasts celebs like Adriana Lima and Juanes among its alumni. Clearly the 9-week program (6 days a week — 54 Days, get it?) worked for A-Rod. He’s definitely in fantastic shape right now.

We just wish that had been for his fiancée, and not for all the potential randos out there.

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