A Place In The Sun presenter Jonnie Irwin smashed tooth doing karaoke behind scenes

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A Place In The Sun presenter Jonnie Irwin, 46, is naturally no stranger to mishaps and blunders since making his show debut 16 years ago. The property expert has since told how he broke a tooth during a night out, ahead of filming for the Channel 4 programme.

Jonnie explained it wasn’t the first time he suffered an accident while assisting British-based couples find their perfect home overseas.

The small-screen star recalled the incident took place at a karaoke bar while impersonating music legend Sir Elton John and Kiki Dee’s famous hit, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.

Despite his injury, the property expert said he still had to present the programme with a missing tooth.

Jonnie revealed: “I broke a tooth one night. This is quite early on.

“I used to go out quite a lot and we used to have a lot of fun.

“It was the night before our first night of filming, and me and the cameraman ended up in a karaoke bar.”

The property expert continued: “He was Elton John and I was Kiki-Dee.

“I grabbed the microphone off him and smashed myself in the mouth and broke my front tooth.”

The Channel 4 presenter said he still filmed A Place In The Sun but attempted to hide his issue while speaking on camera.

Jonnie remarked: “I had to pretend for the rest of the programme, with my mouth covering up my teeth before I went to see an emergency dentist.

“That was quite interesting.”

However, his disastrous behind-the-scenes blunders didn’t end there as Jonnie revealed he’d also broken his wrist while out on location for the series.


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“I’ve broken my wrist [on the show before] and had to film pointing at houses with my left hand,” he chuckled.

News of his dental issues comes as A Place In The Sun celebrates its 21st birthday, with Jonnie having joined the programme in 2004 alongside fellow host Jasmine Harman.

The TV host has also dished on the challenges of filming abroad during the current coronavirus pandemic.

“It has impacted the show quite a lot. We film in a different way,” Jonnie explained.

“Social distancing is a big thing. We have to be very careful in where we stand and it’s less fluid.

“I like to cuddle up to the contributors and give them a hug when they get emotional. You can’t do that now. Also, [the show’s] a lot more regimented.”

Discussing how he plans to celebrate A Place In The Sun’s anniversary, Jonnie said he may even watch it back.

“How will we celebrate? I might actually watch [an episode] because I’m normally filming.”

A Place In The Sun airs today on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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