You've been cutting your onions wrong… clever hack to stop yourself crying

IT'S one of the most annoying parts of prepping a meal – when you're left sobbing after chopping up an onion.

However, one woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a clever hack to stop the tears – and all you need is a piece of kitchen roll.

Nicole Renard, who goes by Nicole the Nomad on TikTok, posted a video in which she said: "I just saw this thing that says if you cut an onion next to a wet paper towel then you don’t cry, because apparently an onion is attracted to the nearest water source.

"Which, without the paper towel, would be your tear ducts. I want to see if this works."

Nicole admitted she wasn't holding out much hope for the hack to be successful, adding: "I tell you what, if this works then I’m going to be amazed, because I always cry when I cut onions."

But as Nicole continued chopping the white onion, she was stunned to reveal that there wasn't even one tear threatening to escape from her eye.

"Oh my gosh, you’re kidding me! Oh my gosh! No tears. At all. I’m shook," she laughed.

And her followers were quick to praise Nicole for her nifty hack.

"Literally tried that today too and it worked!" one wrote.

"Who needs school when you have TikTok?" another hilariously added.

Others suggested alternative ways to keep the tears at bay when chopping an onion, including using a really sharp knife or keeping the onions in the fridge or freezer before cutting them up.

Another person had a very unusual suggestion that was passed down from her grandmother, as she explained: "My grandma also taught me back in the 70’s to put 2-3 matchsticks in my mouth (of course heads facing out) and 100% no tears EVER! Still use today."

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