You’re towel drying your hair before applying a mask, right?

Written by Morgan Fargo

The effectiveness of a hair mask or treatment comes down to how much it’s able to permeate the hair shaft. Here’s why a quick towel dry can help.

If you’ve taken the time to invest in a hair mask, it’s worth learning how to maximise the benefits you reap from it. Designed as an additional step to imbue the hair with moisture, shine, strength and improve elasticity, hair masks can gain well-deserved cult status – just think of Olaplex No.8, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, or the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. 

However, if you’re washing your hair in the bath or shower and applying a hair mask directly onto your sopping strands, you might not be getting the best possible result. 

A hair mask can only work as well as it can permeate into the hair shaft – hair that is totally saturated already with water will be able to absorb less product. The fix? A humble towel. 

Think about it: if you’ve ever had a mask or treatment applied in a hair salon, you may notice that they gently squeeze the hair dry with a soft towel between cleansing and conditioning. GHD global ambassador and celebrity hairstylist Zoe Irwin breaks down why.

“It all has to do with how much the mask can saturate the hair. If the hair is too wet, it can’t happen as effectively or efficiently and you won’t get as much moisture or strength from the mask. A towel-dry can be done quite quickly but it definitely makes a difference. 

“The other thing that makes a difference is how you disperse the mask throughout the hair, too. Gliding it through the mid-lengths and ends will make a massive difference as well. 

“I’m really into using masks, especially when it comes to blow-drying as the quality of a blow-dry is directly related to the quality of the hair. If you increase the moisture within or strength of the hair, it really does give you a better blow-dry.”

So, if you’re after a bouncy, fluffy hair blow-dry or, fundamentally healthier and happier hair, pop a towel close-by before you suds up. Your mask will thank you.

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