You could have a top IQ if you can spot the sniper hiding in this image in 20 seconds | The Sun

YOU could have a top IQ if you can spot this elusive sniper hiding in this image – but you only have 20 seconds.

The stealthy assassin is concealed somewhere in the forest after camouflaging himself in the undergrowth.

Among the greenery, the motionless marksman is lying in wait ready to strike.

But he remains perfectly still while biding his time, ensuring the soldier has the element of surprise when aiming for his enemy.

The clip was shared on TikTok by the owner of Norse Forge, an outdoor and sporting goods company.

The businessman put his products to the ultimate test by challenging viewers to find the sneaky sniper in the short video.

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And he even offered social media users a helpful clue, saying: "Hint: I am the Lorax."

However, the pointer proved puzzling for some people who began channeling the fictional character to help crack the case.

For the majority of viewers, it was impossible to spot the soldier camouflaged in his surroundings in just 20 seconds.

But if you were one of those sharp-sighted viewers who found him, you can give yourself a pat on the back – as it could be a sign of your extraordinary intelligence.

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Studies show that the more you exercise your brain with difficult puzzles, the smarter you tend to be.

So, did you spot the deadly assassin before he revealed himself?

The sniper slowly rises to his feet – dressed head to toe in camouflage – on the left-hand side.

He had concealed himself perfectly in his surroundings by donning a disguise that superbly blended in with the undergrowth.

One baffled user commented: "I couldn't find you and I asked my ex-sniper husband and he spotted you instantly!"

Another said: "I was looking in that spot but I thought you were behind the tree then I saw you rise from the grass."

A third added: "I got it first guess but then the Lorax reference made me second guess myself and I was like is he by a tree?"

And a fourth chimed in: "Found you instantly. It's too long so I analysed other hiding/camo spots."

We previously challenged Sun readers to spot the world's sneakiest sniper hiding in this idyllic field.

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Or why not try and find this stealthy assassin who did an excellent job of disguising himself among the rocks and shrubs.

And people were left stumped trying to locate this elusive gunman concealed in the woods in just 30 seconds.

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