World's most identical twins confess they're 'addicted to exercise', work out for '6 hours daily' & eat only once a day

THE 'world's most identical twins' Anna and Lucy DeCinque have controversially revealed they work out for six hours every day – and only eat one meal daily too.

Speaking on their YouTube channel the sisters said they were "addicted to exercise" and would work out even when they felt exhausted.

The twins, who sleep in a giant bed in Perth with their man, Ben, 39, said they became stressed if they couldn't exercise.

But it goes against all healthy eating advice.

Lucy said: We only eat once a day, we know that's bad.

"We know that's bad it comes from our mum. We know that's unhealthy but we only eat at night."

Her sister added: "Whatever works for you works for you.

"Everybody can take things differently.

"Everything in moderation guys."

But they were under no illusion their behaviour was recommended.

"We exercise too much," Anna said. "We are addicted to exercise. The scary excessive kind.

"We went on the treadmill for two hours, then we weight trained for two hours, then we walked around the house."

We are addicted to exercise. The scary excessive kind.

She added: "It took up most of the day.

"Today we were so exhausted we couldn't even get up."

The twins said the doctor had told them off, and they knew it was excessive.

"We go overboard with things," they said. "Sometimes we are so exhausted," they said. "The other day we were so exhausted we couldn't really finish the workout but we did anyway."

Recently the pair revealed Lucy DIED during botched a botched anti-aging procedure.

She allegedly died while in a cryo chambers where users are treated to temperatures as low as -160C.

This causes an adrenaline rush, narrows blood cells and reportedly tightens skin, burns calories and makes people look younger.

But the 34-year-old twins claim Lucy died after she was temporarily starved of oxygen when a treatment in their native Australia went wrong.

"I've never gotten over this," Anna said, crying. "I remember seeing Lucy on the floor, unconscious."

"I was dead," Lucy said. "I was dead for a minute."


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