Woman warns others not to rush their makeup after accidentally yanking out all of her lashes with an eyelash curler

WE'LL pretty much do anything for the perfect eyelashes, whether that's sticking on falsies for extra volume or curling our own for a little extra lift.

There's no better way to finish off your make-up than making your eyelashes pop, but one woman's disastrous attempt left her warning other beauty lovers not to follow suit.

TikTok user @roomeyroo urged beauty fans not to rush their make-up in a video she shared online, where she revealed she'd accidentally yanked out all of her eyelashes.

She had been curling her lashes with an eyelash curler after applying mascara and was left with a nasty (and painful) shock when she released the curler and nearly all of her eyelashes came away with it.

Sharing the aftermath in her video – that has been watched over 2.4million times – she warned: "And THIS is why you NEVER rush your make-up… I'm done."

"They better grow back!! The pain. Someone please help me," she captioned her video, before adding: "Advice welcome!"

People were horrified by the mishap, with one person commenting: "When I tell you my jaw dropped!! My worst nightmare."

Another joked: "Lemme go throw my curler away i brb (sic)."

Others advised that you shouldn't attempt to curl your lashes after applying mascara, as it can pull them out.

"That's why you don't curl your lashes with mascara on," a third wrote, while one more agreed: "Neverrr everrr use it on top of your mascara I am so sorry girl (sic)."

Not everyone was of the same view, as one beauty fan confessed: "I always curl my eyelashes before and after mascara. Never had a problem before but the comments are worrying me, how didn't I know."

Others were seen dishing out their tips to help eyelashes grow back, with one person advising: "Try to use castor oil to make them grow faster! it helped me grow out my lashes."

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