Woman sends bloke ‘sexy’ video of herself in the shower – but it goes wrong for a VERY funny reason

SHE'D been hoping to woo him with a sexy video of herself in the shower.

But Maxime's plan to impress a potential date went horribly wrong when she forgot to turn the sound off on the clip.

"I was exchanging some very spicy messages with a man recently," she explained on TikTok, adding that she decided to take things to the next level by sending him a video of herself in the shower.

"Unfortunately, when I shower, I listen to ABBA," she laughed.

"Which is not necessarily a problem except for the fact that ABBA f**king slaps, which means it is not possible to listen to them without wildly singing and dancing along, which is exactly what I did."

Maxime added that she told herself to "persevere", thinking that she could just "crop out" her head and remove the sound.

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"Except I forgot one crucial step of the process – turning off the sound," she sighed.

So what she thought was a "very sexy video" was actually a clip of her enjoying herself to the sounds of ABBA's Chiquitita.

"And I very promptly discovered it is not possible to recover from that," she concluded.

"Yeah I’m not going to talk to him anymore," she captioned the video.

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People quickly took to the comments section to assure Maxime that it was the man missing out if he didn't see the funny side of her mistake.

"If he didn't die laughing and love every second of it he's not worth it," one wrote.

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"If he didn't enjoy it… He's not the one…" another agreed.

While someone else hilariously added: "At least it wasn’t slipping through my fingers."

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