Woman completely renovates her old caravan for just £250 to turn it into an incredibly stylish home

AFTER snapping up an old caravan from the 1980s, a woman took it upon herself to transform the dated home on wheels into a stylish new pad.

Arming herself with reusable materials, such as old kitchen curtains and wood, a fresh tin of paint and plenty of finishing touches, the DIY fan completely renovated the inside into a stunning boho-inspired escape.

Cajsa Olsson, a 55-year-old grandmother from Sweden, shared the finished transformation with others on social media – posting before and after pictures in Facebook group Upcycleit and via her Instagram page.

She explained that the whole project took her around one-and-a-half months to complete and roughly cost her 3000 Swedish Krona (£250) in total.

Speaking to Fabulous, she revealed she took inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram when it came to deciding on the decoration for her caravan.

"I have taken some inspiration from for example Pinterest and Instagram and put together my own style with things I love such as peace signs, mandalas, wood materials etc."

A lot of the work she did herself, having picked up tips from her family as well as the internet.

Casja said: "I have always been interested in painting, carpentry, sewing… that has taught me a little over the years. My father was a carpenter and my partner is a painter so they have taught me some [skills] too."

To keep costs down, Casja pretty much updated the caravan by hand and worked with what she already had to recycle materials.

Instead of ripping out the furniture already inside, Casja, who initially bought the caravan from a friend for 4,800 Swedish Krona (around £404), gave it a facelift – choosing to paint the drab and dull interior white to give it a fresher feel.

The kitchen area sits in the middle of the caravan's interior and wanting it to feel like a separate space, Casja painted the wooden kitchen units a contrasting dark grey using a "regular water-based wall paint".

The sink area was created from an old light wooden kitchen table she previously owned and she cleverly created the illusion of tiles by using mandala stencils and a white outline.

Casja also updated the old-fashioned floor and ditched the caravan's original retro-patterned floor for a stylish vinyl rug – snapped up in her native Sweden – that complemented her wall colours.

Each area of the caravan is separated with a linen curtain to break up the space and make the interior more private – with Casja even turning an old wardrobe into a hidden portable toilet.

Both seated areas on each side of the caravan double up as beds, with Casja giving the caravan a much more homely feel with fresh white bedding, patterned throws with tasselled edges and plenty of cushions and blankets layered up.

And the interior is dressed up with on-trend accessories, including woven rope holders, wooden accessories and house plants to add a pop of colour.


Sharing a brief description of her renovation project on Facebook, Casja posted alongside a series of photos documenting the transformation: "Hello. Here is my little caravan Adria 305 from 1980…which I have converted from an old caravan to a small rolling home.

"Hope you like it. It took me 1.5 months to do the actual renovation but since then I have been improving it since last summer. I have mostly reused different things.

"For example, the sink is an old kitchen table, the small table I made myself from recycled boards and the awning are my old kitchen curtains."

Her post racked up thousands of likes from fellow DIY fans, with hundreds commenting and quizzing Casja on the renovation in a bid to pick up tips for their own projects.

"Very classy. I can't believe what you've fitted into the space," said one impressed fan.

Another wrote: "So clever! What did you use on the floor? And did you replace the cupboard doors or just paint them? If painted, what did you paint with? I have a caravan that I’d love to spruce up! This looks fantastic."

A third posted: "Just beautiful. Couldn’t believe such a small space looks so amazing inside. Well done!!"

"Words can’t say how impressed! That’s beautiful," agreed one more.

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