We had nowhere to live so spent £400 doing up our 20-year-old caravan, people can’t believe the change | The Sun

A COUPLE has left everyone stunned after they revealed the results of their incredible caravan renovation. 

Emilie and Jon spent just £400 on the grand makeover after moving into the 20-year-old caravan while they work on the land they want to build on – and it looks so cosy, we wouldn’t blame them for never moving out.

Speaking in a video on their TikTok account @camp_out_west, the pair explained the backstory behind their decision to buy an abandoned caravan park and make it into their home.

Emilie said: “We just sold our house and bought three acres of land so we can build a tiny home.

“So today we thought we’d show you our 20 year old caravan which we’ve just renovated so that we have somewhere to live while we start working cleaning the land.”

Then they began the grand tour, as they opened the doors and gave their followers a peek into the bright white surroundings with monochrome accessories. 

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Jon then shared images of what the caravan looked like before they got their hands on it.

The central living space was dull and old-fashioned, with ugly floral print sofas and a clear lack of space.

Jon explained: “This is what it looked like when we bought it. We didn’t have a big budget so we were pretty limited as to what caravan we could buy.

“We chose this one as it had the dining area, as well as a bathroom at the back.”

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The video also showed footage of the other rooms mentioned, and showed that it was just in need of work elsewhere. 

However, both Emilie and Jon, who also live with their dog, knew it had lots of potential and decided to find ways to open up the space.

She explained: “First, we painted every surface white to really brighten up the space. Then we recovered all the seats in the caravan so everything was fresh and neutral.”

They also transformed the kitchen with a series of small but effective changes. 

She continued: “We changed all the handles to more modern black ones, as well as spray painting the tap, oven handles and the top of the fridge. We all added some stick on tiles in the kitchen and bathroom too.” 

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While the bathroom also had countless updates to make it look miles better.

Jon concluded: “Lastly, let’s show you the bathroom. This space had the most amount of work.

“We removed the sink to give us more room and removed the shower and stripped the walls back to the installation and re-skimmed the walls with new plywood to transform it into our new dressing room area.

The couple’s followers were so impressed with the renovation and before and after snaps.

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One said: “I’m very impressed. This looks genuinely really nice.”

Another added: “Hard to believe it’s the same place. Even the dog looks happier in the after section.”

While a third wrote: “Wowwwww what a transformation.”

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