Trolls say mumbods are disgusting but I’m proud of my stretch marks – I’m a teen mum & can’t believe I grew a whole baby

A TEEN mum has shown off her stretch marks in a bid to normalise post-baby bodies.

Jasmine's son Oliver was two months old when she turned 18, and she documented both her pregnancy and her journey as a new mum on her TikTok page.

Showcasing her body and, in particular, the stretch marks on her stomach led to Jasmine being praised by many, but also attracted some negative comments from trolls.

However, the 18-year-old insisted in a recent video that she's proud of every inch of her body, including her stretch marks, because they're proof that she grew her son inside of her.

"When people say ‘eww mum bods are disgusting’," she wrote in a video of her displaying her tummy.

"Like b**ch my body grew a whole human and got cut open, what’s yours done?"

In the comments section on the video, numerous people hailed Jasmine for being so open about her post-baby body, with one writing: "Omg they’re BEAUTIFUL!!"

"Nothing is disgusting about that. I find it beautiful," someone else wrote.

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Jasmine added in a reply to someone else's comment that such prominent stretch marks are "genetic" and "run in" the family.

She also said she considers the marks her "baby's first drawing".

The teen later returned to her TikTok page to respond to another question, asking whether or not the marks will ever go.

"They fade to white lines," she explained. "They’re not noticeable but they are in a way.

"Mine are starting to fade at the moment – they are not as purple, they’re a light red."

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