The Tube of Mascara Is Better Than Falsies — and Now My Mom and Sister Are Hooked, Too

My mom, sister, and I have had our fair share of quarrels over the years. We've fought over shoes and we've fought over clothes — my sister and I more so than my mom and I — but I never thought that we would fight over a tube of mascara. Mascara! 

Since wearing face masks has put such a focus on the eyes, I've been experimenting more with my mascara and eyeshadow, and I discovered Huda Beauty's Legit Lash late last summer (which feels like 10 years ago but also just yesterday?). Prior to twisting it open, I had been swiping on Too Faced's iconic Better Than Sex Mascara, and I never thought I would stray from the classic. But the moment I tried Legit Lash, I was like, "Better Than Who?"

LEGIT Lashes Double-Ended Mascara

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The sleek black tube is double-ended. One side focuses on curling and lengthening your lashes, while the other is all about volume, and that means I can pick and choose the look I want each day. Sometimes, I'll even layer both. 

With one swipe of the curl and lengthening formula, I swear it looked like I was wearing false eyelashes. I didn't even need to use my trusty curler to get that coveted swoop, and the length the mascara offered was incredible. It coated every lash evenly, and with each brush from base to tip, I saw them getting longer — not spidery, which just isn't for me. Even with multiple layers, my lashes stay clump-and- flake-free. 

The volume wand was just as wow-inducing. My usually thin lashes looked full, thick, and luscious, so much so that my mom, who is quite picky with mascara, asked what I was wearing. "Legit Lash," I said. 

A day later, I noticed my tube was out of place (yes, I can be a bit OCD), and I asked the other two mascara-wearers in my house if they had dared to touch my Legit Lash. Lo and behold, it was my mom, who had just used up the last bit of her all-time favorite mascara that she can only get in Germany. "How do you like it?" I asked. She absolutely loved it.

The next day, my sister had a Zoom meeting, and her lashes were noticeably more voluminous for it. I proceeded to utter two words: "Legit Lash?" She nodded. Don't get me wrong: I'm fine with sharing, but I also want this tube to last.

When not one, not two, but three avid mascara-wearers gravitate toward one particular tube, you know it must be good. And it's not just my family; hundreds of shoppers have left rave reviews for Legit Lash on the Huda Beauty website, calling it the "best mascara ever." At $27 a pop, I'm buying my mom and sister their own tubes so that we no longer have to fight over who gets to have it in their bathroom when we eventually leave our quarantine bubble.

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