Super mum makes a month's worth of sandwiches for her lunches in one go for just £11

A SUPER mum has revealed how she makes a month worth of sandwiches in one go for just £11.

The Aussie mum showed how she uses just three ingredients to make weeks of lunches in one batch.

Taking to the Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia she shared a photo of her sandwiches mid-production.

To make the affordable snacks, she bought three roast chickens for $15 (£10) from her “local chip shop” and two loaves of bread for $6 (£4).

She then shredded the chicken and set to working making her 18 sandwiches with butter and some stuffing. 

The woman wrote: “The result was 18 sandwiches with butter and chicken (some with stuffing) for just over $20.

“I’m all set for lunch every day at work for a month, for a grand total of $21.

“Yummy in my tummy.”

She then froze the sandwiches in zip lock bags to keep them fresh. 

Her post has racked up hundreds of likes, and people praised her batch-prepping.

One said: "This is so amazing, I wish I had a big freezer to do this.”

Another woman wrote: “'Interesting, my partner eats three or four sandwiches a day – I could do this for him”.

However some said they wouldn’t want the same sandwiches every day for a month, and others worried the bread would get soggy.

One said: “Quite happy with the concept, but the same lunch four weeks in a row, would be off-putting to me.”

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