Sophia Bush and Rock the Vote Are Out to Boost Voter Registration

The 2020 presidential election made history when it delivered the most diverse field of candidates to date. Now, as more and more states are gearing up for their primaries, Intermix is getting in on the action by encouraging its shoppers to register to vote.

The campaign, which launched today, is in collaboration with actress and activist Sophia Bush (of One Tree Hill and Chicago P.D. fame), and nonprofit organization Rock the Vote. Just in time for International Women’s Day and the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, the women’s fashion brand is allowing customers to register by texting “INTERMIX” to 788-683, heading to, or visiting any of the company’s 32 boutiques.

“This campaign is a celebration of all the incredible women in our lives,” says Intermix President Jyothi Rao in a statement to “In honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, we want to use our platform to encourage women to stand up for equal representation and champion the causes they believe in.”

We also spoke to Bush about the significance of voting, the issues she holds close to her heart, and other ways people can make an impact.

Over the past four years, so many people have lost faith and trust in our country’s electoral process. What would you say to people who feel like their voices don’t make a difference in elections?

I think first and foremost it’s important to remember that our votes matter. Always. And despite the vacuums many of us live in because of silos and social media algorithms, we have a chance to show up for ourselves and our communities every time we step in the voting booth. If we could vote with the intention of putting the greater good above all else, and voting for each other, I think we’d see powerful change coming and a stabilizing of our government in ways that are sorely needed.

What are some important issues you’ll be keeping in mind when you enter the voting booth in November?

Climate, first and foremost. Women. From fair pay to family leave. And especially women of color. It’s important for women who look like me to spend our privilege on our sisters, and so following incredible WOC activists and educators, and listening to how they’re voting, is a great way to make sure you’re doing the next right thing. And the economy. And I mean that as it pertains to how we all pay into the system. Our country has an abundance of capital available, we just aren’t currently spending it on policies and plans that better the lives of Americans and everyone in this country. And it’s my personal belief that we should. So I’m looking for smart economic plans that will uplift our citizens.

Who are some of the most inspiring women in your life?

My best friends, certainly. They inspire me every day. Women who I know and love from activist circles. From Gloria Steinem to Patrisse Cullors. And on a grander scale, women who’ve organized for change. Union workers who’ve fought for better conditions. The women who accused Harvey Weinstein and demanded that an unfair system change. The female journalists who work in dangerous parts of the world to highlight the truth, no matter the cost. I am in awe of the power of these women.

Other than voting, what are some ways people can make their voices heard?

Firstly, call your elected officials. I call my senators on Mondays. Make a plan to voice your concerns and advocate. And help the helpers. Figure out what’s important to you, and go and volunteer. Show up. Offer assistance, be it in money or time! You’ll learn so much about how to advocate from the leaders who you show up to help.

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