Single mum who lost BOTH jobs in pandemic breaks down in tears as millionaire pays to fix home in Rich House, Poor House

A STRUGGLING single mum-of-three who lost both her jobs during the pandemic broke down in tears after a millionaire offered to fix her home.

Mum Naomi, from East London, revealed on last night’s Rich House Poor House how she lost her job as a cleaner and playground assistant as she had to care for her kids in lockdown.

She was forced to survive on benefits, and had £60 a week for her and her kids, Ella, 13, Ava, 12, and Jacob, six, once she had paid bills. 

In the emotional episode, she swapped lives with wealthy businesswoman Toni, who lives in Hertfordshire with her 27-year-old daughter Dayana and has £1,340 to live on per week. 

Despite having her own successful cleaning business, which now turns over £1.5million annually with 260 employees, Toni has also had her own struggles.

She arrived in the UK 25 years ago from Bulgaria with just £500 to her name, and worked hard to establish her company, Fast Clean.

Swapping lives with Naomi was a struggle for Toni, who is now used to the finer things in life.

Speaking on the show, Toni said: “The one thing that I’m really struggling with is my water.

“It’s just driving me mad that I have to drink tap water.”

Back in their six-bedroom mansion, Toni and Dayana typically only eat organic food and drink purified, ionised water. 

The mum and daughter also had to deal with the electricity being in danger of cutting out, and they had to head to the shop to top the metre up.

At the end of episode, the drinking water was one way that Toni wished to help Naomi, along with a number of other problems with Naomi’s home.

Toni said: “Obviously, we learnt a lot about you, you know, and we can see that you’re trying your best for your kids and we saw a lot of love.

“So, you’ve been through a lot and I think it’s time for somebody to give you a hand.”.

After Toni’s offer to help her, Naomi broke down in tears, and said: “I don’t know how to ask for help.”

Toni replied: “I don’t know how to ask for help.”

Toni was also seen looking visibly emotional, while her daughter Dayana also began crying. 

The businesswoman continued: “I will give you an ioniser for your home because you need to look after yourself.

“I will send my team to fix whatever is broken in your house, to refresh your rooms.

“The last thing I want to do is to be your mentor every month. My goal is to find your passion.”

She also offered to “open the door” for her and to be her friend, with a smiling Naomi replying: “You’re my friend already.”

Rich House Poor House continues on Sundays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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