Shoppers are scrambling to get their hands on B&M’s mini gazebos for kids – but they’ve got another use for them

SHOPPERS are going wild for B&M’s mini gazebos for kids – but they’re using them for something else entirely.

The bargain store shared a snap of the latest stock on TikTok, with shoppers able to choose from a camouflage and a pink frilly design.

The product description reads: “Enjoy the perfect hideaway in the sun with this Gazebo!

“Brilliant for playing outdoors, but sheltered from the sun.”

Customers seemed desperate to get their hands of the £20 mini tent, with the post racking over 3,000 likes.

And while some were eager to pop the tent up for their kids, others had very different ideas for its uses.

One wrote: “I’m thinking of getting one for the cat.

"He likes to sit in the sun all day and gets far too hot. This he’ll get the warmth but no sun.”

But you’ll have to hurry if you’re planning to get your hands on one as fans are scrambling to get their hands on them.

“Immediately getting in the car,” one wrote, while another added, “Gunna grab one of these!”

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