Saucy optical illusion could prove you've REALLY got a dirty mind – what do you see first? | The Sun

OPTICAL illusions have long been used to trick your mind.

And what you see first in this image could prove if you've really got a dirty mind.

The cheeky optical illusion left users struggling to un-see the picture.

The image shows a woman dressed in a pink strappy t-shirt and black denim shorts.

She posted the photo on Target's website alongside a review of a piece of clothing.

But our eyes are quickly drawn to something else.

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It appears the woman has had a wardrobe malfunction – but if you look closer, it's something far more innocent.

It's the angle of her elbow that tricks viewers into thinking it's something else.

The picture was shared on Reddit with the caption: "Had to do a triple-take while perusing the reviews on Target.

"Thought she was really letting it all out."

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So what did you see first?

One user poked fun and commented: "Professional photography and staging can be expensive. They're doing their breast."

What you see first in this perfectly innocent image will also reveal whether you have a dirty mind or not.

The picture was shared online with the caption: "Is that good parenting?"

Viewers can easily spot a baby lying down on a bed as mum looks on.

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But our eyes are instantly drawn to the left-hand side of the image because it's difficult at first to work out what it really shows.

If you look a little closer, you'll realise the optical illusion actually reveals a perfectly innocent family scene.

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