Professional cleaner reveals how to clean your oven in three easy steps – and doing it while it’s still warm is a must

NO one likes tackling a dirty oven, particularly after Christmas, but it should be gleaming in no time after a professional cleaner shared their tricks of the trade. 

The Big Clean Co has revealed how to get your oven sparkling in three easy steps – and why scrubbing it while it’s warm is essential. 

Speaking in a TikTok clip, the cleaner, from Australia, revealed all you need to restore your cooker to its former glory is some bicarbonate of soda and a wire scrubber. 

First turn the oven on a low heat, as this is essential for softening the baked on grease which has built up. 

She said: “Let me show you how to clean your oven without any harsh chemicals.

“First pre-heat it to soften the grease, but not so much that it burns you. 

“Then add bicarb soda and one of these little pot-scrubbing bad boys.”

She grabs a wire brush, and runs it under some warm water before scrubbing the powder to form a paste. 

The cleaner continues: “The longer you’ve left it, the longer you’re going need to scrub.

“You aren’t getting out of this one easy.” 

So if you’ve not cleaned your oven since last New Year’s Eve, prepare to be there for a while. 

The clip has racked up thousands of views, as people thanked her for sharing her tip. 

One woman, who left it for a while, admitted: “I am still scrubbing.”

Someone else raved: “Omg… I’ve NEVER thought of preheating the oven. Thank you!”

A third commented: “Wow thank you.” 

While this mum wrote: “Yay! Thank you!”

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