Princess Dianas style recreated in Spencer – royals original £280 jumper back on sale

Spencer: Official trailer for new Princess Diana film

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Kristen Stewart will be the latest actress to portray Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’ – which premieres today on Friday, November 5 in the UK and the US. Lady Diana Spencer remains a renowned fashion icon to this day and her wardrobe has been beautifully captivated in ‘Spencer’ by Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran. Diana influenced women across the globe with her distinguished style. She was a lover of diamonds, pearls, statement colours and matching suits – all trends which are still very familiar to royal fans in 2021. But which key trends do the experts expect to resurface in light of the latest historical Hollywood drama? Diamonds Factory has identified 10 of the most wearable trends worn by Kristen Stewart in her portrayal of Diana for

Sapphire jewellery

Princess Diana was a big wearer of rich royal blues, and ‘Spencer’ pays tribute to Diana’s love of deep blue jewels and matching garments.

In February 1981, Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a sapphire engagement ring.

Diana chose the mesmerising blue ring herself from Garrad’s existing catalogue, against royal protocol, and was allegedly inspired by her mother’s engagement ring when choosing the beautiful gem.

At the engagement reveal photoshoot, Diana wore a cobalt blue Harrods suit off the rack, to match her glorious ring.

The ring in question, now belonging to Kate Middleton, is a 12-carat blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds with an 18K white-gold band.

James Harris, Diamond Jewellery Consultant at Diamonds Factory, estimates Lady Diana’s ring to be worth between £300,000 – £700,000.

Diana also received a seven-strand pearl necklace with a sapphire brooch centrepiece from the Queen when she married Charles.

This became one of her most iconic pieces and royal fans will have likely seen her photographed in it at President Reagan’s 1985 White House Gala where she famously took John Travolta’s hand in a dance.

While Lady Diana’s jewels are out of budget for many of us, sapphire rings and jewellery are already regaining popularity – and there will likely be more sapphire-inspired costume jewellery on the high street.

Statement sleeve blouses

Search numbers for puffed sleeve blouses are high, with almost 15,000 monthly searches for them each month in 2021.

Kristen Stewart wears a selection of beautifully dramatic blouses throughout ‘Spencer’ and will certainly be inspiring royal fans’ party season purchases this year.

Elaborate chokers

The 1990s choker is making a comeback – led by Princess Diana.

Searches for chokers, gold and silver chokers, and diamond or pearl chokers collectively exceed 25,800 monthly searches in 2021 and are anticipated to increase over the approaching winter months.

Diana received a triple-strand pearl choker from the Spencer family on her 18th birthday which she was photographed wearing several times.

The Princess later made several high profile appearances in another statement pearl choker which consisted of eleven strands and boasted 900 pearls, diamonds, and rubies.

Large pearl earrings

Kristen Stewart’s ears are not often seen unadorned in ‘Spencer’, and her Diana-inspired iconic gold-set large pearl earrings get a huge amount of screen time.

Pearl earrings add an expensive feel to any outfit and fashion experts advise royal fans to embrace Diana’s oversized 1990s style.

‘Pearl earrings’ receive 27,100 monthly searches here in the UK, so royal fans will want to get shopping if they are seeking a pair.

Bold and colourful tartan

As fans might have seen in the trailer, ‘Spencer’ portrays Diana wearing a number of bold tartan statement pieces that look as though they were pulled right out of Diana’s 1990s wardrobe.

While these warm tartan pieces reflect the very essence of traditional British style, the bright shades and unique silhouettes make tartan look modern, edgy, and very wearable today.

Tartan blazers are already trending in the UK but be prepared to see more tartan skirts, trousers, and accessories fill the streets this winter.

Fashion experts advise fans to pair their bold tartan with a monochromatic outfit for a more subtle take on the trend.

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Diamond and pearl drop earrings

Diana received a pair of white diamond and floral pearl drop earrings as a wedding gift from the Emir of Qatar which she wore on many occasions throughout her life – including film premieres and special events.

Searches for pearl drop earrings have almost doubled in the past year, increasing to over 12,000 searches a month.

Boxy 80’s blazers

‘Spencer’ brings back the boxy 1980s blazer with excessive shoulder padding and a cinched waist that combines masculine and feminine style just in time for royal fans’ festive Christmas looks.

Kristen Stewart wears a lot of rich red shades throughout ‘Spencer’.

The gold charm bracelet

As a wedding gift, Charles gave Diana a simple gold bracelet to which he would add a new charm at each wedding anniversary.

Diana’s charms included a pair of ballet shoes, due to her love of ballet, a golden St Paul’s Cathedral, the location of their marriage ceremony, and W and H charms, due to the birth of her sons, William and Harry.

Diamante hair accessories

On Diana’s wedding day, she wore a tiara belonging to the Spencer family.

The other tiara associated with Diana is the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara, which she wore on several occasions.

Slogan jumpers and sweatshirts

Princess Diana was crowned “The People’s Princess” due to her popularity with the masses.

Experts have said this is because of how accessible and vulnerable Diana was compared to the rest of the Royal Family.

Diana was often photographed in casual athleisure wear, and her casual looks have already received a lot of attention over on TikTok this year, with creators mimicking some of Diana’s most famous outfits and captioning them “Am I Princess Diana yet?”.

One of Diana’s most famous slogan pieces was her “I’m a Luxury Few Can Afford” knit from Gyles & George.

Princess Diana was photographed at home with William wearing the statement knit over a white shirt.

Layering casual slogan knits with crisp white shirts is a timeless fashion statement to inspire royal fans’ winter wardrobe.

Rowing Blazers have actually re-released this jumper in Diana’s honour, so royal fans can shop it now for £280.

The Princess also loved a sweatshirt. She wore her ‘Virgin Atlantic’, ‘Harvard’, ‘Northwestern’ and ‘USA’ sweatshirts on multiple occasions, allegedly to decrease the value of paparazzi shots.

She usually paired these with cycling or running shorts and a designer tote.

Whichever way fans decide to incorporate a touch of Diana to their wardrobe, they can be assured to inherit some of her classy timeless style.

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