Princess Diana was no Meghan she had true aristocracy, basic honour, honesty and courage

PRINCESS Diana is "no Meghan Markle" says a British journalist, who has praised the late Royal for her "true aristocracy, basic honour and courage".

It's coming up to what would have been the Princess of Wales' 60th birthday and remembering Diana, journalist Petronella Wyatt recalls meeting her on several occasions in the years before she died in 1997.

She first had dinner with Diana two years before her death and later met with her several times, with Petronella recalling how "radiant" Diana had been on every occasion.

Comparing Diana to her son Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle, Petronella claims that Diana "was no Meghan", thanks to her "true aristocracy".

Speaking to The Sun, Petronella said: "I started meeting Diana quite frequently. She had become the toast of the town and, like Scarlett O’Hara, even those determined to dislike her were unable to do so when confronted by her smile. 

"She seemed to be more settled in herself. She was unfailingly polite, thoughtful and sang for her supper. She was fun to be around, unlike Princess Margaret, who kept reminding you how royal she was.

"Diana hated that  behaviour, and would have deplored the self-importance of the Duchess of Sussex, who, in her obsession with her late mother-in-law, fails to appreciate what she really was — a lady.

"If the unhappiness of Diana’s marriage had made her histrionic, once she was free of it, her foolishness and artifice fell away. She laughed a lot, and was  radiant. But the wistfulness was always there, like a dull thread running through a tapestry.

"There was a dinner at The Ritz. I sat next to Diana and she spoke a great deal of her new-found friendship with Prince Charles. That made her very happy.

"But I always thought, and so did friends of both her and Charles, that she remained a little in love with him."

Sharing what she thinks Diana would be like today, Petronella said she thinks Diana would have found it hard "growing old", as she shared her thoughts on both Diana and the Duchess of Sussex.

"I am not sure what Diana would be like today, approaching 60. When she died there were two paths open to her, something I believe she had been trying to tell me. She could have gone on with the glitzy gaudiness and the approximations of romance, or tried to change her life and her fame," Petronella claimed.

"Diana was a highly respectable, upper-class English woman of the sort that never truly metamorphoses into a bargain basement, Hollywood approximation of royalty.

"She was no Meghan. She had true aristocracy — basic honour, honesty and courage, though it took her time to find it. I think that perhaps death was kind to her, in taking her off so soon.

"Growing old would have been hard. Diana would have discovered, after vast heavings and yearnings, that what she had come to was indistinguishable from what she had left — an imitation of life."

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