Pregnant mum-of-two who ‘just carries big’ shows off her massive baby belly with 10 weeks still to go

PREGNANCY is different for everyone, and baby bumps come is many shapes and sizes.

For one mum though, her pregnancy journey is a little tougher than many, as she shows off her ginormous belly – and she still has ten weeks to go.

Mum-of-two Alicia, from Melbourne, Australia, has shared her pregnancy journey online.

Even at 12 weeks, when many women aren't even showing yet, Alicia's burgeoning bump was very visible through clothes.

It's not just this pregnancy though, as the mum, who already has two boys, said she gained 25kgs (55 lbs), with each of her pregnancies.

And now at 29 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, she revealed she as gained 19kgs (41lbs) – and that she "just carries big."

"I'm 29 weeks pregnant and I am up 19 kilos, which is like 41 pounds," she says, responding to a comment.

"This is my third pregnancy, I'm having a girl. I've previously had two boys and with both of them I gained 25kgs, which is 55 lbs."

She explained that she is a tiny 5ft 3in and has "such a little torso" which is probably why the baby bump looks so big on her.

She adds: "But I've got another ten weeks to go so I'm hoping I don't get too much bigger."

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