Nan’s clever furniture hack makes moving incredibly easy – you’ll be amazed you never thought of it

MOVING into a new home is incredibly hard work – but even once you're in, trying to rearrange furniture to see what works is even harder.

But a man has shared his nan's clever hack to eliminate this problem altogether – and it's bound to make your life much easier.

TikTok user Cal Vission was helping his grandmother move house and when he arrived at the new flat, he was perplexed by the newspaper strewn all over the floor.

But upon closer inspection he noticed the paper was laid out in distinct shapes and sizes in very precise measurements before realising it's actually outlines of her furniture.


You see, the elderly woman had planned where her furniture would go before moving into the flat – that way, there was no need to rearrange the heavy items once they're in.

Sharing the trick on TikTok, Cal said: "I just want to say this is genius.

"My grandma is moving to a new apartment and she's cut out newspaper in the shape of all of her furniture, to lay out her new house without having to actually move her furniture."

Naturally, the simply yet genius tip was a hit with fellow TikTok usersand it's since racked up over 1.8 million view in just a few days.

One person said: "You're telling me I don't have to measure everything and scale everything out with grid paper to see where it would fit?"

While a second user added: "Well, this is genius."

And a third wrote: "Older people can still teach us younger ones a few new tricks."

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