My husband’s family claims I miscarried on purpose – now he wants me to see them so they can apologize

A GRIEVING mother has shared her heartbreaking story about miscarrying her first child. 

On top of the crushing loss of a child, she claimed her husband’s family blamed her for the miscarriage – and even said she had maicarried on purpose. 

To preface her story, the woman explained that her husband’s family had been open about disliking her. 

“I’ve been in the US for five years, but I’m not from here. Different skin color, foreign accent,” she stated in the story posted to Reddit. 

“I’m not the daughter/sister-in-law they expected, which his mom and sister have voiced before.”

She then revealed that when she and her husband visited his family in person, they had an appalling reaction to their miscarriage news.

“[His sister] invited us over to her place and then had the nerve to say in front of everybody that my miscarriage is not that big of a deal since I did it on purpose and that it’s not like I wanted a baby anyway which is NOT TRUE,” the woman wrote. 

The distraught poster confessed that she previously let the family know that she was in no rush to have a baby, which they then took as her admitting she never wanted to have kids.

The woman said her husband stood up for her and they left the house, but now, he wants to make amends with his family by letting them come over to apologize. 

“So how do I look at them [and] have them at my house without wanting to throw something in their faces and tell them how I really feel?” she questioned. 

The internet sprang into action and shared a list of suggestions and messages of sympathy with the woman. 

“Put your boundaries up now or you'll be posting about them for years,” one commenter warned.

“If [your husband] wants to continue his family with you he's going to have to put a stop to their BS now.”

A second person suggested that she and her husband cut off his family and move away. 

“Life is too short to deal with people like this all the time. If you want to make a healthy family … it does not include your [sister-in-law] and [mother-in-law].”

The woman mentioned that any drastic measures are likely out of the picture because her husband simply wants everyone to move past all the drama. 

“Unfortunately they’re his family and I know that he wants us to just get along or at least be civil,” she wrote in reply to another comment.

Many daughters-in-law like the one above have taken to the internet to express their grief over problematic relationships with their in-laws.

One woman shared that her mother-in-law ignored their wedding anniversary and remembered their walk down the aisle as the day “she lost her son.”

Another daughter-in-law claimed her husband’s mother told him he shouldn’t get married because “people aren’t meant to be monogamous.”

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