My daughter's hair is so long people don't believe her real age – strangers even stop us in the street

LONG hair can sometimes be a way to estimate a persons age.

But for this little girl, her hair has people believe she is much older than she really is.

Dollie, 2 has had thick hair since birth which now flows all the way down her back and is now being dubbed a 'real life rapunzel.'

Her mother, Katie Canham, 34, says strangers now continuously compare her daughter to Rapunzel whenever they see her long, lucious hair.

Katie said: "It reaches all the way down to the bottom of her back now. I've never seen a toddler with hair like this before.


"People always say to us that she is like a little Rapunzel because of how much hair she has."

"And then when I tell them that she is two, they just can't believe it.

Katie said that strangers rarely believe Dollie is only two as she looks much older due to the 'sheer amount of hair she has'.

She continued: "People's reaction is funny. But she loves her long hair and so do I."

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The family from Bromley, South London and Dollies' brothers and sisters – Archie, 12, Ellie, 9, Reggie, 4 and Sonnie, 1 don't share her impressive hair.

Dollie had to get her first haircut when she was only 3-months-old and her mother now has to spend 30 minutes every morning to style her daughter's hair, especially as the length means it can get knotty easily.

If Dollie could style her own hair, she'd leave it all down but her mum just can't allow it, as she said: "I can't let her have it down all the time because of how knotted it gets, and she sometimes gets things stuck in it."

The mum admitted she has watched YouTube hair tutorials to sort out Dollie's hair.

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