My best friend’s groom picked my very revealing bridesmaid dress and everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

A WEDDING guest has gone viral after revealing the dress her best pal's groom had picked for her.

With countless options and styles available, finding the ultimate dress to wear to someone's big day can often seem frustrating.

But luckily for one woman, Lily, who goes by PilyPlum on TikTok, the stress was handled by her best friend's husband to-be, who had picked the outfit of the day for her.

The social media manager, who claims to have size 34GG boobs, took it to the popular platform to share the stunning garment – and viewers were all saying the same thing.

In the video, which has taken the internet by storm racking up more than a whopping 2.1million views, the woman could be rocking a ditsy floral milkmaid dress in baby blue.

''So my best friend let her fiancé pick the bridesmaid dresses,'' she claimed before adjusting the sleeves and leaning behind.

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After seeing how the summery garment fit Lily, TikTok users were all unanimous in their conclusion – that the bloke, who was about to get married with her best friend, had chosen this particular dress on purpose.

''He definitely knows his job,'' read the top comment that's been liked by close to 5,600 other people.

Another person agreed, writing: ''Obviously had you in mind when he picked it!!''

Someone else was convinced: ''grooms thinking 3 steps ahead [sic].''

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Though some thought the little number was nice, a few also pointed out they didn't deem the dress to be wedding-appropriate.

Sharing their opinion, one critic said: ''Most casual bridesmaid dress I’ve ever seen. I’d go to the shop in that.''

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A second didn't seem to be impressed with the dress either: ''You look lovely in it but it's not what I'd imagine for a bridesmaid dress.''

Amongst the viewers, there were also those who advised Lily and gave her a few options to add to the outfit for the big day, with one suggesting: ''Maybe a blue vest underneath or something?''

One person chuckled: ''add a matching blue corset over it. then a pirate sword and some cool boots.''

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''At what point do we just start measuring in litres instead of cups,'' read another joke.

Hitting back at trolls who've claimed that she always has ''the bangers out in all the videos'' and she has ''nothing else to offer'', Lily recently said: ''No, I hate attention. Please don't look at me.''

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