Mum unveils VERY strict new pantry rules amid coronavirus outbreak – including hilarious warning about taking her snacks

THE coronavirus outbreak has seen millions of people confined to their homes which, if you're a mum, means you obviously have to lay down some new ground rules about snacking.

Because if you don't, you run the risk of your kids running your self-isolation stock dry up in days. FACT.

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In an effort to control her children's endless appetites, one mum has come up with a hilarious new set of pantry rules which will see her family through "Coronavirusgedden".

Posting a photo of her new ground rules on Facebook, the mum has essentially banned her little ones from taking snacks without prior permission.

She wrote: "Nobody goes in the pantry without ASKING first. No willy nilly pantry visits allowed!"

What's more, the savvy parent has also banned her kids digging into any old box of cereal they take a shine to.

She added: "Do not open a new box of cereal until the old opened boxes are eaten and gone."

And considering all the sweet treats she has stashed away in the cupboard (including s'more-flavoured Pop Tarts), the mum warned: "You better have eaten a piece of fruit, vegetable or yoghurt before you reach for anything in here."

But naturally, the mum saved the best rule for last – and it's one we're sure ALL parents will relate to.

"If anyone touches my CADBURY EGGS, you're going to wish you had Coronavirus and died."

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The post was then shared on the Mum Central Facebook page – where other parents couldn't believe they hadn't thought of it themselves.

One replied: "I'm thinking of locking my pantry!"

Another added: "I might need to make one of these for the eating machines that live in my house."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I wish my kids read this before I had six boxes of cereal opened…"

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