Mum left ‘feeling sick’ after strip-washing bathroom towels – and admits she never wants to dry her face on them again

WASHING your face with a hand towel in the bathroom might seem like an ordinary thing to do, but one woman's latest TikTok video might make you reconsider.

One mum decided to strip-wash her bathroom towels to give them a good clean and she was left horrified by the results.

So much so, that she swore never to dry her face with a bathroom towel ever again.

TikTok user Melia Deane (@meliaroseofficial) shared a video of her deep cleaning her towels in the bathroom and the colour they turn the water will have you feeling nauseous.

She revealed that her towels were old, but instead of buying new ones, the mum-of-two decided to strip-wash hers to see how they turned out.

Filling a bath with water, Melia added laundry detergent, stain remover and fabric softener, before loading in all her old towels.

In a three-part video, she joked she was "traumatised" after seeing how much the water had turned brown after two hours of her towels being left to soak.

"I feel sick," she said, as she shared the finished result in part three.

Panning the camera over the bath water which had turned a grim shade of brown due to all the dirt build-up, Melia said: "End result is why I don't dry my face with a towel."

After seeing her results, people wanted to try the cleaning method out for themselves, with one person commenting: "Oh gosh now I wanna try this."

"I think I have to show my mother this," said another.

When one person asked why she hadn't used a washing machine to clean her towels, another person pointed out that strip-washing is very different.

"Stripping is different than a washing machine," they replied, before adding: "You'd be very shocked if you stripped your clean towels."

Strip washing is said to give a more thorough clean by soaking items and getting rid of any leftover residue from laundry detergent, water and natural body oils that have built up.

As well as towels, people have been known to use strip-washing for their sofa cushions and bed linens.

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