Mum in hysterics after husband mistakes her tampons for pasta while putting away food shop

IT'S practically a rule in relationships that the person who didn't do the food shop is the one who should put it all away.

That said, we think one woman might be regretting this agreement after her husband mistook her tampons for a box of pasta and put them away in completely the wrong place.

Where most blokes out would simply set aside the the things they weren't sure of, this bold husband was so convinced a blue box of Tampax Pearl was a box of pasta that he put it away in the pantry.

Sharing a photo of the hilarious mishap on Reddit, the American woman wrote: "I went grocery shopping and my husband put everything away…

"It's a blue box so must be pasta."

But if that wasn't hilarious enough, the post inspired some truly incredible pasta puns as delighted users flooded the comments with jokey comments – and if you ask us, it was all worth it in the end.

One replied: "It's for when you're on the Ragu."

Another joked: "I tried making lasagne but it just absorbed all the blue water I poured on it…"

A third added: "Gonna make menstruone soup later…"

Referencing her own disastrous shopping experience with her other half, one user wrote: "Lol. Reminds me of the time my sweet husband thought the 'chai' scented melts for a wax warmer were some type of actual tea."

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