Mum creates an amazing Harry Potter themed bedroom for her daughter for just £250 using B&M bargains

CALLING all parents of Potterheads! A mum has revealed how she made an incredible Harry Potter-themed bedroom for her daughter for just £250 using B&M bargains.

Amy Pritchard, 28, from Hull, transformed her nine-year-old daughter’s plain pink room into an incredible space that looks like something straight out of JK Rowling's hit series.

The mum-of-three told "Ruby has been obsessed with Harry Potter for years so she’s been nagging me for a Harry Potter bedroom for ages. 

"She’s not really a girly girl. Before, it used to have just the Harry Potter wall vinyl above her bed but it didn’t really match anything and she hated the pink and lilac!"

Amy – who is training to become a teaching assistant – promised Ruby a bedroom makeover if she kept it tidy for a month… and much to her surprise, it worked.

In order to keep the cost down, Amy and the family headed to B&M – and the savvy mum managed to buy everything she needed for £250.

She said: "We all went to B&M one afternoon for some wallpaper for my hallway and came across the Harry Potter wallpaper and she loved it."

"When we were talking to her about how she wanted it she said she wanted a platform nine and three quarters wall, so we came up with the brick wallpaper and the sign. 

"The broomstick she bought out of her birthday money a few years ago from Harry Potter Studios. It was just stood up in the corner of her room so we wall mounted that with some hooks. 

“For the mirrors, she wanted it to look like she had windows in her bedroom like Hogwarts so I searched Google for window mirrors and found this on eBay for £14.  

"The light fitting was second hand from a selling site, and Ruby said it looked like the candle ceiling at Hogwarts. 

"Everything purchased was from B&M and ebay: the bedding was from ebay for £14, the curtains were from ebay at £20, the wallpaper was from B&M and cost £11.99 for the Harry Potter wallpaper and £6 for the brick wallpaper. 

“The platform nine and three quarters sign was from eBay for £20, and the bed from B&M was £120. It’s an ottoman bed as we need storage space so we use underneath the bed.

"We also needed some tie backs so we searched Pinterest and found some with ties so we used that idea and bought two Gryffindor ties for her tie back for £1.50 each. 

"Between us, we just searched all over the internet for Harry Potter bedrooms and took a bit of inspiration from various different pictures.”

Needless to say, Amy and Ruby are delighted with how magical the room now looks.

 "She absolutely loves her new bedroom,” Amy adds. “She spends most of her time in there and now always keeps it tidy! She’s super proud of what she’s created with a little help from me and her dad!” 

Tom Church, co-founder of, says: “Fans of JK Rowling’s magical creation will be bowled over by Ruby’s bedroom's magnificent transformation.

“What’s even more magic is the fact that mum Amy managed to do this on such an impressive budget.

"If you want to revamp your home with its own Hogwarts touch, make like Amy and look around on Pinterest and Instagram for ideas – then bring them to life thanks to the excellent selection at budget brands such as eBay and B&M."

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