Mother reveals genius hack to ALWAYS know when your kids are lying

A TIKTOK mother has revealed the genius hack she uses to ALWAYS know when her kids are lying.

This hack was dubbed as one of the most useful lies she's ever told her own kids.

In a TikTok trend where parents talked about the most useful lies they've ever told their kids, mom Victoria said: "I told my children that when they lie, a star appears on their forehead that only a grown-up can see."

As she and her husband then began to laugh at their own kids's silliness, Victoria added: "So anytime they are lying to me, they cover their foreheads!"

Other parents quickly ran to the comment section to praise the mom for her wholesome hack.

One mom wrote: "I love that they are lying to their kids … to get them to stop lying."

A second one added that she's done the exact same thing with her daughter but instead told her that it was her nose that moves.

"She now covers her nose every time she says a lie," she commented.

Other moms quickly talked about their own hacks to get their kids to do stuff with one saying: "I told my son that when I cook vegetables, I only make recipes Spiderman gave me.

"He eats everything on his plate now."

A second one commented that she's convinced her kids that their car won't move until they put their seatbelt on.

And multiple others said that they tell their kids that when the ice cream truck plays music, it only means they've run out of treats to stop them from asking.

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