Meghan Markle is happier than ever at 40 with no royals, 'millions in the bank & A-listers on hold', say experts

MEGHAN Markle turns 40 today and is “happier than ever”, according to body language and royal experts.

The Duchess of Sussex is said to be celebrating with Prince Harry as she rings in the milestone birthday after stepping back from the royal family. 

Royal author Duncan Larcombe told Fabulous: “Perched on her throne in the lavish LA mansion she calls home, the Duchess of Sussex is unlikely to be wondering where it all went wrong.

“Millions in the bank, Hollywood A-listers on hold, and a red carpet status beyond her wildest of dreams. 

“The mother of two beautiful young children and the wife of a handsome prince.”

Here’s how Meghan shows she is “happier” than ever with her glittering A-lister lifestyle…

Now doesn't need approval 

Body language expert Judi James said recent photos of the Duchess show she no longer seeks out “approval” in her shots. 

In the sweet photo released of Meghan pregnant with hers and Harry’s second child Lilibet, the expecting mum was seen lying in the garden on her husband’s lap.

Judi commented: “He touches her head to endorse this undivided attention and Meghan’s look now requires no glances into camera in a bid to gain approval.”

Ditched rigid body language

Meghan spent a number of birthdays in the royal family following her May 2018 wedding, including her 37th celebrations. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex actually spent the day watching Harry’s friend Charlie van Straubenzee tie the knot with his partner Daisy Jenks.

Judi said of Meghan’s body language on the day: “Her smile looks sociable here but that clutch bag and those heels appeared part of the ‘look’ that went with the role. 

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“Her left arm looks rigid here, suggesting tension or a desire to get it right.”

Judi said of Meghan’s body language in the months leading up to turning 40: “Back in the US Meghan’s images are one of a wife and mother and enjoyer of freedom.”

Pushes her 'astronomical change in fortune'

It is incredible the difference a decade makes, and Meghan seems to be living proof of that. 

Duncan said: “Interviews with Oprah, her first book on the shelves, a following of millions and global celebrities as friends, Meghan turns 40 with the world at her feet.

“Astonishing to think that only a few years ago she was a thirty something divorcee with the final series of her only hit role in Suits charging up on the horizon.

“Never before has a chance blind date given rise to such an astronomical change in fortunes.”

Is entirely comfortable with Harry

Judi said of the pregnancy photo of Meghan and Harry that the Duchess looks entirely comfortable with her “adoring” husband. 

She explained: “Lying on the grass with her baby bump featured, Meghan rests her head on Harry’s lap, giving out signals that he adores her and is there for her totally.

“Meghan has created her own life for her forties, where she can adore and be adored by her very loving husband and two small children. 

“She has her own space to grow in and her own stellar status in terms of her career.”

Interviews with Oprah, her first book on the shelves, a following of millions and global celebrities as friends, Meghan turns 40 with the world at her feet.

Hated 'brutal' 20s where she 'judged her weight'

Meghan spoke of how she managed to overcome her “brutal” 20s where she struggled to be "happy" and "fit in".

The Duchess of Sussex admitted that as a young woman she was in a "constant battle", which saw her "judge" herself on her weight, didn't have anyone to eat lunch with at school, and aged 24 was told by a casting director to wear less make-up.

On her 33rd birthday back in August 2014, on her now-defunct lifestyle blog The Tig, the former actress wrote that she had finally found happiness, but that it had taken a while to get there.

The future Duchess signed off the blog – penned two years before she met Prince Harry – with: "I want you to find your happiness. I did. And it's never felt so good."

Is now 'quietly confident'

As Meghan turns 40, she has found a “quiet confidence”, which is reflected in her body language, Judi claims.

She said: “To say that Meghan has smashed her personal goals now would be a massive understatement and, at forty, she must feel that she is now living life on her own terms. 

“The eyes that were turned mainly to the camera in her career as an actress, in a silent appeal to be approved of and popular, are now turned towards her husband.

“The Hollywood poses have been swapped for a more relaxed look, with fewer signals of a desire to please by looking flirty. 

“That and the much more careful, formal, regal body language she acquired in the UK have evolved into either a determinedly casual confidence, or an air of elegance that implies A-list star status and power.”

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