Kate Beckinsale Dances in a Sports Bra as She Tries to 'Hype Up' Her Cat Willow

Kate Beckinsale is spreading good vibes in some comfy athleisure.

On Friday, the actress, 47, posted an Instagram video of herself dancing in her kitchen to Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" in a Nike sports bra, Freecity sweatpants and chunky sneakers as her Persian cat Willow sat on the floor looking unamused.

"Trying to hype Willow up about her winter woolly has been low yield so far," she captioned the clip, in which the adorable white cat sports a furry pink coat.

"That cat is contemplating murder 😂" one Instagram user joked in the comment section. "I'm sad that she isn't hyped, because she looks FABULOUS! 😻" a second person added.

This is not the first time Beckinsale has showed off her fur babies on social media. Along with Willow, the actress has a second Persian cat named Clive, and often posts photos of both of them decked out in fabulous sweaters, hats and even bows on Instagram.

"I'm very much a cat person," The Widow star told PEOPLE in 2019. "I had cats growing up when I was little, and a big dog."

"Cats are easier than dogs," Beckinsale said, because "you don't have to walk around with a bag of poo like you do with a dog, which I hate to walk around with a bag of poo."

Beckinsale's Clive is "quite old," she says, around 11 or 12. "We got him when my daughter [Lily Sheen, now 22] was little. And he usually is shaved into an odd shape, but he's a recent cancer survivor. So, he will have all his old fur," she explained.

Willow was "inherited from a friend of mine," the actress said, "who got Willow because she liked Clive so much. Willow is insane so, she gave her to me."

Beckinsale said her two cats have completely different personalities and preferences.

"Clive's favorite things in the world are suitcases and boxes and bags, if you bring home a pair of sneakers or take out bag, he's immediately inside it," she said. "So we got him this suitcase bed, and he loves it so much."

Willow enjoys a bag or two, too, but prefers to "sleep in creepy, psychopath places," said Beckinsale. "Like the back of a drawer or places that she could die."

She added: "Willow is more of a handful but she's so pretty, we forgive her."

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