I'm plus-size & tried the unbuttoned shorts look because I love trying trends… trolls thought they just wouldn't do up | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman who loves trying out new trends has hit back at trolls slamming her for wearing her denim shorts unbuttoned.

Jess recently took to TikTok to share a video of herself, wearing a pink T-shirt, white sliders and the shorts, underneath which the front of her pink underwear could be seen.

But after posting the video, she was quickly inundated with people asking why she wore her shorts undone.

"Why are your shorts open?" one wrote.

"Wear clothes that fit," another commented.

"Shame you didn't get some shorts you can actually button up," a third added.

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"They look hideous."

"Can't button the front?" someone else asked.

Jess then responded to the backlash in another video, as she insisted: "You want to know what's super funny?

"If I was skinny, you'd all be like, 'Oh that's a slay'.

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"But because I'm big, y'all think that my shorts don't button.

"B**ch they button. I wanted them open because it looks cute.

"F**k y'all."

However, people in the comments on that video said that it had nothing to do with her size.

"Nope, any size I don't get why people are walking round with their bottoms undone," one wrote.

"They should be buttoned up, big or small," another added.

"It's just respect for yourself."

"If they button, button them!" a third commented.

But others insisted Jess looked amazing in the unbuttoned shorts.

"I wear mine open as well," one wrote.

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"It's definitely cuter that way," another agreed. "I do it with blue jean shorts all the time."

As someone else insisted: "This has been a trend since the 90s!"

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