I’m midsize & did an honest Asos haul – I ‘looked like Kim Kardashian’ in the first dress, but not in a good way | The Sun

A MIDSIZE fashion master has taken a gamble on the Asos website and ordered items to review on TikTok with mixed results.

The TikToker who goes by the name Jade said one outfit made her feel like Kim Kardashian, and not in a good way.

Crafting style inspiration is Jade's forte.

The midsize influencer shares honest hauls and pieces together unique looks for every season.

She's not one to push her comfortability limit as she sticks to wearing what she knows makes her feel most confident.

Jade posted a TikTok sharing her recent shopping haul on Asos, and one dress made her feel a bit too much like Kim Kardashian.


I have big boobs – I found a great supportive strapless bra on Asos

I’m midsize – my ASOS haul accentuates my size 12 curves so well

Jade kicks off the haul with a sage green maxi bodycon dress.

This cut-out dress has skinny spaghetti straps and a zipper up the back seam.

"What a beautiful dress, but are you ready to see how far I can spreadmy legs?" Jade asks.

She takes one foot and separates it from the other.

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Jade waddles back and forth.

"That's it. I couldn't run in an emergency," she proclaims.

A commenter adds: "The first dress is like Kim K walking in Marilyn's dress."

"Hahaha, it’s giving the same energy," Jade wrote back.

A neon green pencil skirt isn't a winner, either.

She puts on the $25 I Saw It First Split Front Mini Skirt in green.

Jade pulls the skirt up so it can zipper better over her hips.

But a black floral dress can't even go past her upper thighs.

The next dress looks like it fits, yet there's one problem.

Jade slips the $52 Asos Design Curve Flare Sleeve Crochet Mini Dress on her.

"She's cute," Jade admits.

"Why does the material fit halfway across my boobs?"

Finally, Jade throws on a green two-piece set.

It's a little too see-through and risky for Jade's taste.

If she moves just a little bit, the top material covering her chest will slide up to reveal her boobs.

"They are completely see-through. Nah," Jade exclaims.

Some viewers thought the two-piece actually looked good.

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"I love that green outfit on you," one supporter said, while another added: "That green stripey number looks gorgeous on you!"

One honest viewer wrote: "As a mum almost a year pp, Asos makes me feel soo self-conscious! Feel like their sizing is sooo off!!"

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