I'm a mum & I potty-trained my one-year-old in just three days – here's how I did it & why it's all about drinking juice | The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she managed to potty-train her one-year-old son in just three days.

Watching your child become more independent with each day is all fun and games… until it's time to introduce potty-training in the routine.

Although most parents start this journey when their kids turn around two, one mum began training her son when he was just one, and claimed that it took her three days.

Offering a helping hand, the mum-of-three, Gabriela Lefty, took it to YouTube to share the parenting hacks that saw her son ready for the 'big boy pants' in less than a week.

In the caption of the video, Gabriela explained there were multiple reasons she liked the three-day method – not only do you get this over an done with, but there's no excessive amount of undies and you also don't need to waste money on pull-ups.

Before you set off to try following the programme, the mum warned to make sure your child is ready for potty-training.

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Signs include verbal communication, understanding commands, going a couple of hours with a dry diaper, as well as telling they're going to either pee or poo in this diaper.

For the three-day method parents should also stock up on juice.

She explained: ''They need to be peeing every 15-30 minutes for those first two days…this can't happen with water.

''The juice makes them want to drink, so they chug it which makes them have to pee so you get lots of practice.''

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Sharing the tips, Gabriela also revealed she avoided using the small potties with her children.

''If you teach them to only do the little potty, they won't ever want to do the big potty – and now you have to wean them again.''

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Day 1

According to the parenting guru, the child will start the day eating breakfast with their diaper and clothes still on.

Don't forget to load in juice and setting a timer for around 15 or so minutes.

''Change them into JUST a shirt; no undies or pull-ups.''

Once the time is up, take them to the toilet saying you're going to do ''pee-pee on the potty''.

But be warned – as the kid is not familiar with the concept of having accidents, they might not do their business in the toilet.

Also, she reminded, be careful of how you respond and don't reward the child for simply having sat on the toilet seat.

''Praise and cheer for any drop of pee that goes in!''

Day 2

The goal of this day, Gabriela said, was to teach them that not only the pee and the poo both go in the potty but also that the two don't go in their undies.

''This is a really big day.

''Wake up, diaper change and go ahead and stick on those undies even with breakfast.''

Just like the day before, lots of juice is still essential – but this time wait for 20 minutes before taking your child to the toilet.

''Set timer for 5 min if they do not go (repeat 5 min until they go or have an accident,'' she added.

''When they pee their undies, rush to the potty, if they finish in the potty…PRAISE!''

Day 3

Unlike the two previous days, on the final day you will not be pumping them full of liquids or setting a timer – try to follow their natural schedule.

If you're heading for an outing, have a ''successful'' pee before leaving the house and make sure to pack a change of clothes, as well as a portable potty.

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Sharing her advice, Gabriela also said to keep the day-out as short as possible – 30 minutes to an hour.

''Try using the portable potty when you arrive at your location in the car and right before you head home.''

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