I'm a makeup artist – here's the annoying customer habit I can't stand, it may seem minor but it drives me mad | The Sun

A MAKEUP artist has revealed the customer habits that she finds most annoying.

Sarah-Anne Mulder, based at Ego Hair & Design in Inverness, has a particular gripe that she encounters quite regularly.

And though it seems a minor issue, it can become a major nuisance.

The 22-year-old expert, a Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards winner, says: “Annoying things that customers do is ask or joke about filling in all their wrinkles, which is just impossible as a makeup artist.

“You can’t remove texture from the skin, it also leaves you in a bit of an awkward situation when your client is putting themselves down and pointing out flaws in front of you.

“It’s also a massive pet peeve of mine when clients come in and start moving my furniture about.

“My chair might look like it’s at a weird angle but it’s facing the ring light perfectly and also in the right place for me to be able to walk all the way around a client.

“But when some people come in they just grab the chair and scoot it all the way under the shelf so it’s like they’re sat at a table.

“That means I can’t move around them to do their makeup, so please just leave the furniture alone, it’s probably in that position for a reason.” 

Sarah-Anne previously revealed the simple mistake beauty fans make with their foundation – and it could ruin your finished look.

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Checking the labels on your primer and foundation before you buy could be the key.

Sarah, 22, says: “For your base makeup, your primers and foundations need to have the same base ingredients to have the perfect effect.

“For example, water and oil don’t mix well, so you need to check the ingredients on your primer and foundation to see if they’re water-based or oil-based.

“It usually says either aqua or huile at the top of the ingredients.

“So just make sure you have either water-based or both oil-based so that they sit well together.”

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