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WE all know that heart-sinking feeling when you open the door of the washing machine and find our favorite item of clothing now looks like it could fit a doll.

Whether its those jeans that always fit just right or your favorite top, unintentionally shrinking your clothes in the wash is the worst.

The experts at Reader's Digest have provided us with a well needed hack which will save your shrunken clothes.

To begin, fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water and laundry detergent.

According to Reader's Digest, you can also use hair conditioner or baby shampoo for this process.

Soak for up to 30 minutes to loosen fibers.

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Remove the item of clothing from the water and gently squeeze the water from the clothing, do not rinse out.

Lay the clothes on a towel and gently squeeze until the item is damp but not wet.

Transfer to a dry towel and gently stretch back to the original size.

Hang item out to air dry.

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When it comes to cotton sweaters, Reader's Digest recommends taking action ahead of time as shrinking can be almost unavoidable with this material.

Simply trace an outline of the sweater on some paper and you can use this as a guide if a post-wash stretch is required.

When washing wool knits you must carefully adhere to instructions on the label.

While you can gently tug on wool to stretch it out, it is often beyond fixing once it has shrunk.

To prevent this, avoid swishing or wringing the material and instead gently squeeze the cleaning solution from the fabric.

If the label allows for handwashing, this should only be done in lukewarm water.

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