I’m a lash tech – people were fuming when I cut my ‘client’s’ lashes because they wouldn’t pay, but I was in the right

A LASH technician has left people fuming after appearing to cut off a client's lashes when they refused to pay.

Cherie Villa, who shared videos on TikTok as The Lash Girl, said that the 'client' didn't like the full set of lashes they were given so refused to pay for them.

Instead of letting the 'new client' walk out with a free set of lashes, the lash expert proceeds to chop off them off, including the real set underneath.

People in the comments went berzerk dubbing her unprofessional insisting she was "wrong" for what she did.

"That's just unprofessional. Why would you cut her real lashes," one person fumed.


Another wrote: "I smell a lawsuit.. I'm a lash tech and I would NEVER."

"I know she did something wrong but this is absolutely not okay," announced a third.

While many others demanded to know her business name saying they'll "never" go.

But things weren't as they first seemed as Cherie shared a follow-up clip revealing the 'client' in the clip was actually her husband and it was all a joke.

"Guys really you really think I would cut somebody's lashes if they didn't pay me?" she said, setting the record straight.

Zooming out on the "client" in question she revealed her husband's face as he sat there smirking.

"Meet my husband," she said. "He's the only one I have to practise on."

She went on to explain what she would actually do in a situation where a customer didn't like her lashes.

She said: "If this were to ever happen to me in real life, which it has, you kinda just gotta take a loss and let someone walk out and make sure that you have a good booking system to take deposits.

"But yeah, this was all his idea."

People were relieved to know it was all in good fun with many admitting they were "fooled" by the video.

"They had us in the first half, not gonna lie," one person said.

"I'm too gullible," laughed another.

A third wrote: "Girl I cannot believe it."

Others pointed out that her husband was "sweet" for letting her apply lash extensions on him.

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