I'm a female bricklayer – guys love to man-splain my job to me, but others say I’m doing a ‘top job’ | The Sun

A FEMALE bricklayer is slaying it in the workplace but still has to put up with dated views.

Rattlekings uses her TikTok to show she can keep up with the guys on any construction site and ignores the detractors.

But that doesn’t stop them from sharing their opinions about her work ethic.

She may be killing it on the building site, but, as one of the few female bricklayers, guys want to tell her how to do her job.

But amongst the ‘man-splaining’ comments to her post, there were many that were in awe of this female bricklayer.

“Good lass,” said one. “Ignore these numpties with their TikTok-inspired comments.”

“God you’re fast,” was the impressed view of another.

However, the 'man-splainers' were out in force.

“Looks good but you should be cutting a vertical damp or cut the cavity through,” advised one.

“Just the one half bugs me,” said another before damning with faint praise: “But all good other than that.”

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There were more suggestions from the ‘experts’: “Why not just pin into existing and toothing in, looks a lot better.”

Another plowed in: “Why no profile at the other end? There’s bricklayers and then there’s layers of brick.”

But fans of this bricklayer were also quick to give her the thumbs up.

“Well done. Why do people have to keep knocking a woman who’s doing a good job? Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the jealous ones.”

“Very, very good bricklayer," added another.

Finally, another said to ignore the detractors: “Good workmanship. Just ignore the stupid comments. Not worth replying to.”

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