I’m a fashion pro and people always make the same mistakes when wearing leggings, it makes them look cheap

COMFIER than a pair of jeans and cheaper than a pair of trousers, leggings are a staple of women's wardrobes – but many are wearing them incorrectly. 

No longer just confined to the gym, leggings have made their way into our everyday lives thanks to being a hit with celebs and us embracing more of a relaxed take on style.

But like all clothing they come with a caution and it's very easy to commit a fashion crime just by wearing your favourite pair.

Here, fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend lists the fashion faux-pas to avoid when wearing leggings.


The first, and most common mistake made when wearing leggings is choosing the wrong fabric.

Black or brightly coloured leggings will still show off your bum and thighs if the fabric is cheap and thin.

The thinner the fabric, the more see through it will be.

Avoid this by sliding your hand inside the leg when you’re in the shop, pulling the fabric of the legging tight and see if you can see the colour of your skin.

If you can, pop them back on the shelf and look for a thicker style that won’t leave everything on show. 


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Dodgy prints

Printed leggings may seem like a great way to look stylish while being comfortable.

But a misplaced flower on a floral pair or stretched oblong shapes on a printed style can lead to cringe-worthy moments. 

Not only that, but a larger print will add more volume to the part of the body it's on.

If you’re after a slimming effect avoid prints at all cost and look to plain styles in dark shades, to help create a slimming effect.

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Skin coloured leggings are always a no goCredit: Facebook

Skin coloured pairs

Nude coloured or shades that match your skin tone should be avoided at all costs.

Aside from pale shades being unflattering by making your legs look bigger, they give the illusion that you’re wandering around in the buff. 

So avoid getting stares all day and wear darker hues such as black, dark grey, navy or khaki. 

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Big pants

You’ll need to consider your knicker drawer when putting on a pair of leggings.

Lace styles, briefs that have thick seams or pairs that are too tight will all show underneath leggings – whatever their thickness or colour.

Wear seam-free pants or thongs to guarantee no VLP. 

Unless you're going for that Bridget Jones look in order to find your Daniel Cleaver.

Short tops

Leggings are designed to show off the silhouette of your lower body, there's no hiding.

Shorter tops only draw attention to every lump and bump, including love handles that inevitably appear.

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A longer length top that sits just above your crotch is ideal for flattering your bum and tum and don't reveal too much.

The only place you might find it acceptable is at the gym.

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