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WHEN you think about decorating your bedroom with high end items, Dollar Tree is probably the last store on your mind.

It turns out that Dollar Tree is actually one of the best places to shop if you’re trying to find fancy bedroom items at a steep discount.

YouTuber and bargain shopper Shannon posted a video highlighting several items she found at Dollar Tree that have upgraded her bedroom.

Dish rack

The first item Shannon focuses on from Dollar Tree is a white wire dish rack.

She says: “Instead of using this in your kitchen for dishes, throw one on top of your closet or on top of a shelf and you can use these for your clothing.

“Not only do they keep everything nice, organized, and neatly folded, but it’s easy to be able to grab what you need.”

Satin pillow cases

The second item Shannon shows her viewers are white, satin pillowcases.

"They are silky smooth and so great to use on your pillows," she gushes.

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Shannon uses the silk pillowcases to store her loose and fitted sheets to avoid dust.

Rubber bands

Next up, Shannon talks about how frustrating it is to deal with clothing that slides right off the hangers.

She mentions that Dollar Tree sells felt-material hangers, but that they aren’t always worth the price point.

Instead, she suggests using rubber bands on top of wooden hangers to prevent clothes from slipping.

Vacuum storage bags

Another group of items Shannon is excited about from Dollar Tree are vacuum storage bags.

“They create an airtight waterproof storage system that shrinks down to one third of the size of the article of clothing,” she says.

in the video, Shannon shows how quickly she remove excess air from each package in under 60 seconds.

Laundry recipe

Shannon has some advice for people who want to make sure their laundry is as clean as possible.

She suggests buying Downey Unstoppable scent beads, baking soda, and white vinegar.

Before starting her next load, she adds a half cup of white vinegar, one fourth of a cup of baking soda, and a handful of downy beads to the bottom of the machine.

Spray bottles

Shannon creates incredible fragrances for her home using essential oils and water inside spray bottles.

She says: “I love the spray bottles at Dollar Tree. great price and great quality.

Especially the metal ones that look very high-end.”

Plastic trays

Plastic trays from Dollar Tree are another top-tier item she raves about.

Shannon says: “Speaking of luxury, these trays at Dollar Tree are amazing they they had that high-end look.

“They’re plastic trays, but they have that beautiful marble effect. It’s pretty hard to tell the difference!“

Pencil holders

Plastic pencil holders are great for office and classroom settings.

Shannon raves over the white and gray pencil holders she found at Dollar Tree in her video.

“This one actually spins, which I love. I thought it would be a great addition to my vanity,” she says.

Lint rollers

No one wants to deal with unwanted dust all over their furniture.

According to Shannon, Dollar Tree sells lint rollers that are extra sticky and helpful.

She explains: “These lint brushes make dusting so much easier. You can use these on lamp shades too."

Lint brushes

Another Dollar Tree group of items Shannon shows her viewers are the lint brushes.

She says “I love these for my decorative pillows, especially in the bedroom. Sometimes they don’t get washed as often as my sheets.

“If they start collecting dust, these lint brushes take the dust right off.”

Shower rings

Shannon mentions that shower rings can be pricey to find on Amazon or Walmart.

They are available at Dollar Tree for $1.25 in comparison though.

In her video, Shannon showcases the way she uses the shower rings in her closet to organize scarves and purses.

Hanger hooks

One of the worst things about hangers is that they’re typically only used to hang one piece of clothing at a time.

Dollar Tree now sells hanger hooks that will offer more more organizational benefits.

Shannon says: “They’ll actually allow you to hang five hangers from all the little holes.”

Flashlight with handle

It’s important to have at least one flashlight on deck in your home in the case of an emergency.

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Shannon found a handy, portable flashlight from Dollar Tree that she shares with her viewers.

“I keep it in my side drawer next to my bed. It has a big light on the front and more of a flashlight on the side.”

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