I’m a dog groomer – 11 breeds I wouldn’t own, any doodles are out for a start | The Sun

A DOG groomer has revealed the 11 dog breeds she would never own.

First on her list were any of the doodle variety – they were a non-starter as far as she was concerned

But her post stirred up a lot of debate among commenters.

There were many who agreed with Holly's (@pawfectionbyholly) selection.

Many more, however, took issue with pooches she considered problematic customers.

Holly is a professional dog groomer and has encountered most breeds in her time, so her list is honed down from that experience.

“Dog breeds I wouldn’t own as a dog groomer," she said in her video.

A fellow dog groomer disagreed with her assessment of the doodle.

"I’m a groomer with three doodles and wouldn’t change them for nothing.”

Next on Holly's list was the Chihuahua and the Pomeranian.

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She figured the Chihuahua could be snappy, but she gave no explanation for Pomeranian's appearance on her list.

No surprise that she found the Husky's excessive hair to be a problem: "It gets everywhere."

Another professional offered their perspective: “They’re chaotic but so worth it.”

The British Bulldog was loved by commenters: "I’ve got an English Bulldog and she’s a dream but has health problems, but she’s an angel.”

It was a similar story for the French Bulldog and its health concerns.

The Shitzu was described as the best dog breed by one viewer, but there were issues.

“They are great dogs but most of them have insane skin problems, and smell," was the view of one person.

The appearance of the Westie on her list drew alot of comment.

“My Westie has been thrown out of a groomers for her attitude. She is a nightmare to groom," said one person.

Another agreed: “Most of them are generally just difficult on the table, they don’t like to be told what to do.”

The Chow Chow's long hair took some looking after said one fan.

“I love my Chow but his hair, omg, so much maintenance.”

The copious folds on a Sharpei caused obvious challenges for a groomer.


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Finally, the King Charles Cavalier was beset with "a lot of health issues.”

Her list was comforting for a fellow professional: “I’m a groomer and I have never related more.”

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