I’m a baby massage expert and my one-minute routine will get your newborn to sleep EVERY time

PARENTS of newborns will know the tears and frustration when trying to get your baby to fall asleep.

But a massage expert has shared a simple one-minute routine which will condition your child to respond to a set of cues and make nap times easier.

''The key to this is consistency.

''Babies thrive on routine,'' explained Elina Furman, the founder of Kahlmi.

''So whatever you decide to do as a nighttime ritual, keep it consistent and repeat every night until baby gets the hang of it.''


According to the mum, step one is to glide your index finger from the baby's forehead to nose.

The second motion which will make your small one sleepy, is gently rubbing eyebrows from inside to outside.

Elina added that ''by doing this massage every night with a regular sleep routine (massage, bath, book, feed)'', your baby will start associating these cues with going to bed.

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It is also important, she emphasised, to start this at an earlier stage: ''Infants get used to it quicker.

''Harder to introduce with older babies.''

''I tried method 1, and it worked!!'' read one positive comment.

A fan wrote: ''I did this when my son was a baby now hes two and grabs my hand to do this when he’s tired lol.''

However, there were also critical viewers who claimed this wasn't true, like this parent who commented: ''Nope doesn't work.

''My baby slaps my hand away and thrashes her head.'

Someone said: ''She just crying and crying again.''

Another parent had tried this and sought help: ''My baby doesn’t like touching her face.

''could you please suggest more?''

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