I’m 42 but everyone thinks I look 28 – my 4 easy hacks to stay looking young and you’ll actually SAVE cash | The Sun

A 42-YEAR-OLD woman has revealed her top hacks to keep her youthful looks. 

Known as TMHodgins, the blonde beauty took to social media to share a selfie, explaining that many people mistake her for being over 10 years younger than she is. 

The picture shows her dressed in a black vest top with a tattoo seen on her chest. 

With her short hair styled down into loose curls to frame her face, viewers could see her smiling for the camera without any make-up on. 

“Everyone says I look young for my age…” she wrote in the subreddit ‘guess my age’. 

And people flocked to the comments section to answer as one person wrote: “Are people blind lol I’d say 28, you seem like you have a cool vibe and love the hairstyle”. 

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She replied: “Thank you for the kind words! I’m 42!” 

Another person said: “Honestly, I’d say 30 without makeup,” as a third shared: “You look like you’re in your 30’s”. 

A fourth person guessed she could be 32 and another said 34. 

“I am 30 and she absolutely does not look younger than me,” another boldly stated. 

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“She looks like she’s at least mid 30s but I’m going to guess she’s late 30s to early 40s with great genes or takes great care of her skin. 

“I get that it’s opinion but man you must know some 28 year old that didn’t age well…” 

TMHodgins replied: “I’m 42, never smoked, wear sunscreen, don’t wear makeup, and use moisturiser.

“I don’t think my genes are that great though, lol.” 

According to the NHS, smoking can prematurely age your skin by between 10 and 20 years. 

Smoking makes it “three times more likely you’ll get facial wrinkling, particularly around the eyes and mouth,” the website states. 

So not only does it reduce the risk of ageing early, but it’ll also save you some cash as the average cost of a 20 pack of cigarettes in 2022 was £12.61, according to Statista. 

Meanwhile make-up can also cost a bomb, with prices can vary between £1 to upwards of £100 depending on the brand and product you’re looking for. 

Moisturising and sunscreen, on the other hand, may cost you a bit of money, but are both good for your skin. 

UV rays can lead to premature ageing, which means sunscreen can help prevent it. And moisturiser helps trap water in the skin, which gives it a more youthful appearance. 

The combination of all of the above means TMHodgins has been able to keep her youthful looks with ease. 

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And she’s not the only one who has been mistaken for looking much younger than she is as one 68-year-old often gets told she looks thirty years younger. 

And a 42-year-old woman has also been told she looks younger and shared the clothing item that’ll knock 12 years off your appearance. 

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