I spent 5hrs making myself a Love Island beauty – I looked like a satsuma & couldn't flush the loo with fake nails

WHILE Love Island is a guilty pleasure for some, Margot Robbie is unafraid admit her addiction to the show – and even threw a Casa Amor-themed birth-day bash.

The Hollywood star invited friends to don their skimpiest bikinis, and killer heels, for a pool party complete with bucking bronco to celeb-rate her 31st.

When you are one of the most stunning women in showbusiness and your friends all look like models, then undergoing a Love Island makeover is not much of a stretch.

But what about us mere mortals? Well, I’m glued to ITV2 from 9pm every night for the latest fun and games from the reality show, and am also now desperate for a change from my same-old lock-down leggings and sports bras.

So could I maybe get the Love Island look? I have Margot’s long, blonde hair but am 5ft 1in to her 5ft 6in and unsure how underboob and bum-flashing swim-wear will look on me.

At 28, I’m three years younger than Margot but an absolute grandma in Island years. I would be going to Cougarville if I was on the reality show.

For my last birthday I celebrated with a walk in the park followed by a takeaway and Netflix. It would never occur to me to get glammed up in a thong bikini and strappy heels, in the name of fun . . . usually.

But on the right is me after five hours’ hair and makeup to copy Margot’s Love Island look, and over the page is what the makeover involved.


THE Love Islanders’ lips are plumper than ever this year – with Faye Winter full trout-pout.

It is hard to get this look without industrial-strength filler but we overline the lips by a good 3ml then fill the area with Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer by Fenty (£17).


MY usual gel polish is swapped for long, white claws.

The £5 stick-ons from Boots are far cheaper than a salon job, and quick and easy – except a three-word text then takes a good half hour, I can then barely dress myself and I even need someone to flush the loo for me.


A LICK of mascara is normally me, especially if sunbathing. But at Casa Amor, it is all about those Ardell Faux Mink Wispies Lashes (£8), supplied to the villa by Boots this year.

One set is not quite enough so we stick two on to go full flutter. I can hardly open my eyes.


NEXT up is a faux fringe and tousled locks – and luckily my hair is long enough to do Margot’s party style without a full head of extensions.

But while she looks amazing with her new mini bangs, I’m really not feeling the clip-in fringe on me – and peeved it hides some makeup.


NEXT up is more layers of Mac Studio Fix foundation (£22.95) than I can count.

Once it’s caked on I start to get distinct Drag Queen vibes and am left wondering how on earth male islanders recognise their partners when they wake up next to them the next morning.


IT is time for an all-body fake-tan treatment, which I thought would be nice following weeks of endless rain as summer in the UK continues to misfire.

Sadly, though, this leaves me looking more like a satsuma than Spanish sunkissed. Maybe I am destined for pale and interesting?


To top off my whole new look, my glam squad contour my body – to give me a six-pack and an instant ‘boob job’.

Who needs exercise, diets or plastic surgery, huh? I’m not mad at my new gym physique, in fact it is quite flattering, but again it’s a hefty old process.


APPREHENSIVE at first, I now understand the Love Island look. The orange skin makes your teeth look brighter, while the stilettos elongate your body and make you look super-slim.

During lockdown, I have almost stopped wearing make-up, so seeing myself in more slap than I have ever worn made me look twice in the mirror. I barely recognised myself.

But while it is fun for a day, as Margot found out at her party, she once said: “I love sitting down watching all these beautiful people have their dramas while I lie there on the sofa eating pizza and drinking beer.” I am with her on that.

Like Margot, I am die-hard Love Island fan, but I shall leave the hefty regime to the Islanders. Frankly, I am amazed they have time to crack on with the blokes by the time they have finished getting ready.


NOW the bit I have dreaded – the cossie.

I try not to cringe as I recreate Margot’s pose with pink two-piece and bumbag . . . in a chilly London studio.

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